The newest super snack food to hit stores is Raw Flavored Kale.
This stuff is oddly addicting!

I guess someone must have decided to dry kale and douse it in various flavors one day. Brilliant!

It is a very light snack and full of flavor. Best thing since the discovery of the infamous Potato chip. Only downfall being it’s a bit pricey. Probably due to limited demand at the moment. Technically, it is in the same family as collard greens and contains Vitamin K, C, Calcium, and Manganese.

We favor Brad’s Raw Leafy Kale – Vampire Killer (Garlic & Vegan Cheese) flavor.  The company is based out of Pipersville, PA.  Per Brad’s Kale packaging, his story revolves around a raw food diet that included Kale as a way “to put some crunch” in his diet. He even claims to have lost 40lbs.

While we love garlic , we were curious to know more about vegan cheese.  Vegan cheese doesn’t have any animal based enzymes and milk products. Vegan cheese is the combination of Soy Protein, Nutritional Yeast, and Nuts (Cashews).


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2 Responses to Raw Flavored Kale

  1. Steve says:

    Are there any brands that you recommend? What stores can I get them — health food stores?

  2. Joe says:

    Brad’s Spicy Hot Raw Kale is carried on
    (We added it to our Amazon widget for purchase).
    Whole Foods and your local co-op may be a good place too.

    We prefer the Raw Kale snacks in clear packaging.
    There is something simple about it presented that way.
    Almost like it was meant to be straight from the sea!

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