Whether for fantastic chicken broth soups, delicious savory entrees, or a special silky risotto you better have a great soulful chicken broth favorite to start with. Simply put, chicken broth is a pure staple of goodness in any kitchen. Chicken Broth makes you feel better for sure and it definitely augments culinary creations. But what’s in it?

Upon researching a variety of store chicken broths, it is clear that not all chickens are made the same. The biggest difference in chicken broths is “sodium” levels and chicken broth ingredients.*

Therefore, we decided to quickly rank 20+ top store chicken broth brands by sodium content. Of course, we all know the best chicken broth recipe is always homemade, easy to make, and you can add the salt as desired. But for the rest of us in a hurry, here are the Chicken Broth sodium levels compared side by side, ranked by sodium content per 8oz serving size.

Chicken Broth Comparison by Sodium

Pacific Natural Foods - Low Sodium Chicken Broth

1. Pacific Natural Foods – “Low Sodium Chicken Broth”

This chicken broth is very low in sodium and uses all organic ingrediants including pure cane sugar. Best of all it comes in single serving 8oz sizes!

-80mg sodium per 8oz

Imagine Chicken Broth - low sodium

2. Imagine Chicken Broth – Low Sodium

-115mg sodium

Progresso Chicken Broth -  reduced sodium

12. Progresso Chicken Broth – Reduced Sodium

-560mg sodium, Gluten Free

Progresso Chicken Broth - unsalted

3. Progresso – unsalted

-125mg sodium

Wolfgang Puck Chicken Stock

13. Wolfgang Puck Chicken Broth – All Natural

-560 mg sodium

365 organic chicken broth - low sodium

4. 365 Organic-low sodium

-140 mg sodium

Swanson - 33% less sodium

14. Swanson Chicken Broth – 33% Less Sodium

-570mg sodium

Kitchen Basics Chicken Stock - unsalted

5. Kitchen Basics Chicken Broth – unsalted

-150 mg sodium, no gluten

Emeril's Chicken Stock

15. Emeril’s Chicken Stock – Regular

-590mg sodium

6. Kitchen Basics – Chicken Broth

-430mg sodium

Progresso Chicken Broth - Tuscany

16. Progresso – tuscany broth

-820 mg sodium

7. Wegmans – Chicken Culinary Stock

-440mg sodium

Progresso Chicken Broth

17. Progresso – chicken broth

-850mg sodium, gluten free

Medford Chicken Stock

8. Medford – Chicken Stock

-440mg sodium, *No Chicken Flavor

Swanson 100% Natural Chicken Broth

18. Swanson 100% Natural

-860mg sodium

College Inn - light and free

9. College Inn Chicken Stock – Light and Fat Free

-450 mg sodium

College Inn Culinary Broth - white wine & herb

19. College Inn – white wine & herb

-920 mg sodium

Rachael Ray Chicken Stock

10. Rachael Ray – Chicken Stock

-480mg sodium

College Inn Chicken Broth

20. College Inn – regular

-930mg sodium, MSG added

Swanson Certified Organic Chicken Broth

11. Swanson Chicken Broth – Certified Organic

-550mg sodium


*Note: A lot of the broths contain added chicken flavor, guess that is chicken in a bottle or something. All range between 10-25 calories. Surprisingly, only College Inn – “regular chicken broth” contains added MSG.


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